In the Staffordshire Moorlands

 Rushton Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 5th June

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The pothole on the A523  (the bit that floods beside the feeder) has been on the “to do” wist for ages but suddenly it got filled last week. This may be connected with a cyclist crashing into it and having to go to hospital.  Highways at Stafford  have at last responded on the one way status of Charles Knowle’s Lane. The no entry at the top of the lane is an absolute requirement with no exceptions for locals. The need for a one way sign at the bottom of the lane will be considered but it is a low priority ( i.e. they might look at it next year !). They did however act quickly on the lengthsman repairs to drains, complaining that it was done before they signed off on the job.

The Marsh Villa septic tank issues continue and Amos builders acting on behalf of the landowner have blocked the insurance company’s  repair team entering the site ( despite legal right of access to tanks) so it is back to SMDC for enforcement.

Drummer’s Knob aka Cop has been mentioned as a place to park by ramblers (see Congleton Chronicle article) so Rushton PC responsibilities could be impacted.

NEXT MEETING is Wednesday 3rd July

Graham Betton for Rushton PC (

Rushton Parish Council Annual Assembly and AGM Thursday 1st May

The meeting opened with the poorly attended Annual Assembly  with no issues raised by the empty chairs. 

David Lovatt was re-elected as Chairman of the PC and Martin Chester re-elected unopposed as Vice Chairman.

The accounts for Rushton PC year ending 31st March 2013 were approved and risk assessments and standing orders approved although any accidents on Drummer’s Knob ( stray bullets from Gun Hill ?) were debated given lack of Land Registry recognition of ownership.

Planning application 13/00198/FUL to add a third floor with dormer windows to the west at Marsh View were rejected as too visually intrusive and use of Velux-type windows suggested instead.

Highways at Stafford still have not responded re the one way status of Charles Knowle’s Lane and the well on Leek Old Road is overflowing once more.

It was agreed that we should continue membership of Staffs Parish Council Association at £132 pa. The donation of £250 for the upkeep of the Rushton parish graveyard was also agreed.

NEXT MEETING is Wednesday 5th June

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Rushton Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Minutes of the previous meeting (March 5 6th) were agreed. Planning approval for an annex at Wolf’s Lowe Farm has been approved subject to conditions. The change of use of agricultural land to domestic at Greenfields, Dingle Lane, was refused by SMDC. The hedge on Bandridge Lane has not been removed, just heavily pruned !

The grand unveiling of the village bench had to be postponed because Cllr Heath is prevented from public appearances in the lead up to the May elections.

Highways discussion around the one way system up Charles Knowles Lane is still awaiting a response from Staffs CC Highways. 

The website  may have to be renamed because Rushton Northants may also be hit.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 1st May with Annual Meeting commencing 7.00 at the Methodist Chapel.

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